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Best curling iron tips for the long-lasting curls

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Most of the girls have been curling their hair from the day they were allowed to use the curling iron. There is a special attracting in the curled hair that makes every girl feel beautiful, stylish and strong. Some girls say that the curls make them feel like they can take on the world.
However, it is easy to break a girl’s spirit with the curls that will fall out the next minute you have done your job. Everyone wants their curls to last longer. From the products to techniques here we have everything you should know to have the long-lasting curls.


To have the best curls you have to prepare your hair. Start with applying a gel and heat protectant on your hair. It will give you a long-lasting effect. Avoid applying the curling iron on the damp hair.


It is important that you style your hair first before curling them. In this way, you will know in which direction you have to curl your hair. You will not have to deal with curling extra hair and when you curl your hair, in the end, they will not be touched while you are setting your hair.


Most of the girls clip the hair on the rod from the rod and then twist them.
It will help you to create the barrel curls that does not give a natural look.
For more natural and long-lasting curls you should hold the rod facing downwards.
Start to twist the hair from the roots and move towards the tips.


There is no need to buy the curling irons with all the barrel sizes. There is a universal barrel size that will allow you to create all styles and types of curls that you want. Save your money that you can use to buy other important products. Read more about size of barrels, temperature settings and find our curling irons reviews here.


Sectioning is the most important trick used to make the curls last longer. If you want tight curls you should take small sections of hair while for loose curls larger sections will be good. Do not take extra sections because that will not let the heat to evenly distribute in the hair and you will not be able to create the desired look.


Do not touch your hair once you have created the curls and allow them to cool down. If you will run your fingers through the curls it will create frizz and your curls might fall out. Once the hair has cooled down use a hairspray to assure that the curls will stay in their place.

Bottom line

Remember that regular use of the curling iron will damage your hair. It is important that you give your hair a rest and let them repair so that the volume and natural shine of your hair will not be lost. You should take extra care of your hair by applying oil because it will help your cuticles to quickly get rid of the signs of damage in the hair.


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5 ways to protect your hair from the damage done by hair straightener

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Hair curlers, straighteners, tongs and blow dryers are altogether incredible styling instruments, and they can enable you to make a remarkable search for any event when utilized as a part of balance. Despite the fact that these styling tools can give you the look you need, it could be to the detriment of the hair’s wellbeing causing breakage, harm and drying. On the off chance that you adore your hair tongs, you have to figure out how to protect the hair. Here are 5 ways to protect your hair from the damage done by the hair straightener. Keep in mind: best professional flat iron for African American hair has many set options.

Keep the Temperature Low:

As a matter of first importance, the hair ought to be exceptionally dry when you begin rectifying it. Try not to blow dry your hair at most extreme warmth. It might take somewhat longer at a medium level, however the hair will welcome it. The temperature is additionally imperative since to an ever increasing extent, on the off chance that you are in a rush, you will put it on highest warmth. This will enable the fixing to be speedier, yet you will see the side effects later.

Protect before you style:

It’s basic to secure the tresses previously applying heat. There are numerous hair care products to use with the styling apparatuses. Give careful consideration and search for items that contain silicone, since silicone can go about as a defensive covering for the hair. Ensure that any item you apply before styling your hair using the heating tools is particularly detailed, in light of the fact that utilizing standard items can mean additional harm, as you’ll cook the styling items alongside the hair.

Air dry if possible:

Going natural once in a while is great. Similarly as the face may incidentally require a break from beautifying agents, the hair may require a break from the heat styling now and then, too. Try to utilizing a texturizing mousse or spray when you air-dry the hair, as these will include a volume and shape to style. In the event that you have long or thick hair and shiver at going out with wet hair, have a go at washing it the prior night. This will allow your hair to dry and settle overnight.

Repairing Treatment:

Make sure to do a repairing treatment for the hair once a month. This will rely upon the hair type: dry, sleek, or blended and too if you use heat on the hair always.

The most ideal approach to stop hair harm by the heat styling apparatuses is prevention. Consider warm styling as an extraordinary event look. Or, on the other hand, in case you’re a warmth styling beast, at that point figure out how to function rapidly and give the hair some additional care with reinforcing shampoos and conditioners. Regardless of the possibility that your hair is as of now harmed because of warmth, it’s never late to begin putting sound hair habits into practice.

Cut Off the Dry Ends:

At the point when the ends of the hair are exceptionally dry, it is best to cut them. Therefore, the hair will have the ability to keep developing in a considerably more advantageous way. Dry ends don’t enable the hair to be healthy. Additionally, they give it a poor appearance.

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